Accelerating Revenues from New and Existing Products and Services
Introducing a Green  Technology Into a New Market

Company Challenge: Millennial Net, a start-up energy efficiency company, wanted to expand sales of their groundbreaking wireless energy management system into the public sector market

How We Helped:
  • Refined the value proposition and messaging for the municipal market based on customer research
  • Identified potential reference customers and drove the creation of videos featuring these customers
  • Segmented the market to help identify the low hanging fruit
  • Developed a prospect list, identified the key decision makers, created a sales script and personally contacted prospects 
  • Connected with key state officials who influence purchase decisions 
  • Initiated relationships with important delivery and sales partners
  • Built a $1M highly qualified pipeline just within Greater Boston for this $3M company 
  • Attracted angel investors with the qualified pipeline

Launching A  New Version of Enterprise Software Product

Company Challenge:
  Dimensional Insight, a $20M enterprise software company, wanted a successful launch of the next version of their flagship product into the healthcare market

How We Helped:

  • Met with the senior management team to identify and clarify the goals for the launch 
  • Structured the beta site program so that it would help the company meet its launch goals  
  • Coached the team on how best to execute the beta program quickly
  • Worked with the marketing team to identify the key themes and messages as a result of customer interviews
  • Helped identify business benefits and not just describe product features
  • Launch was considered the best product launch in the company’s 20 year history
  • Accelerated $500K in revenues in first month

Accelerating Revenues For A Ground Breaking Cleaning Chemistry

Company Challenge:
  ATMI’s AutoClean could revolutionize how semiconductor equipment is cleaned but the commercialization effort stalled.

How We Helped

  •   Developed go to market plan and orchestrated commercialization
  •   Executed new beta site strategy
  •   Delivered new training and tools for sales
  •   Involved early users in product launch

  • Sold to 15 customers (including some of the world's largest companies) within 90 days
  •  Named one of most significant inventions of 2008 by R&D magazine.  Awarded R&D 100 award.  “Oscars of Invention”. Previous winners include fax,  hybrid auto engine,  anti-lock brakes,  defibrillator, ATM, HDTV and LCD
  •  Product of the Year award from Semiconductor International

Reenergizing  a 15 Year Old Chemical Safety Product

Company Challenge:
  A leading chemical company had a $100 million business with a 65% share but was losing business to a new low priced competitor

How We Helped

  • Orchestrated effort to redefine value proposition and justify premium price
  • Obtained new customer proof points and endorsements from outside influencers
  • Retrained global distribution channel
  •  Maintained 65% share
  •  Won back business at F100 accounts

Revitalizing  an IT Services Business

Company Challenge:  Brooks Automation's software support organization was facing rapidly declining revenues.

How We Helped

  •   Redefined value proposition for support
  •   Formalized quoting processes
  •   Created consistent policies and pricing
  •   Retrained sales organization
  • Reversed revenue decline and grew revenues from $30M to $45M in just 2 years despite the fact that the rest of the organization was flat 
  • Increased customer contract retention from 74% to 95% compared to industry average of 80%
  • Numerous organizations including Services and Support Professionals Association, Association of Support    Professionals, Think Strategies and Service Revenue News wrote best practices case studies on our turnaround or invited Neil to speak.

Launching  a Homeland Security Solution

Company Challenge:
  Sybase Professional Services wanted to develop longer term client relationships and solve critical client business issues in the public sector

How We Helped

  •   Identified opportunity to build criminal justice/ homeland security solution
  •   Validated which solutions should be built based on estimated ROI and market research
  •   Partnered with senior executives at early users to launch new solution
  •   Orchestrated intense PR and analyst relations program
  •   Built a sales pipeline
  • Grew organization from $100M to $250M in 2 years
  • Built name recognition as the leading provider of criminal justice and homeland security solutions.