Neil with ATMI scientists Joe Sweeney (l) and Oleg Byl (r), the inventors of AutoClean with the R&D100 award.

“Neil is an action oriented, results driven marketing professional who gives generously of his time, knowledge, and wisdom to customers and colleagues. At ATMI, Neil helped introduce the AutoClean product line to the marketplace, a product line that eventually won the R&D100 Award along with such products as Nicoderm non-smoking therapeutic patch, Taxol cancer treatment therapy, the defibrillator, and other inventions which changed people's lives for the better."

Lou Blanchard

Director of Marketing
Accelerating Revenues from New and Existing Products and Services


Baron Strategic Partners is a consulting firm focused on helping organizations remove revenue obstacles for complex products and services

For over 20 years, we've helped companies from a variety of industries with vastly different technologies, effectively sell new and existing products, services and solutions.  

 We've won awards such as the R&D 100 award (also known as the Oscars of Invention),  generated hundreds of millions of dollars in product and services revenue and accelerated market adoption for some pretty exciting technology.   We've turned around struggling businesses and helped established products win against new low priced competition

In 2008,  the Corporate Executive Board (one of the world's largest executive advisory organizations)  flew Neil to Silicon Valley to present his proven process for launching new products.     Quite simply, Neil's presentation to over 40 VPs of Marketing in the hot bed of innovation was the highest rated event in the organization's history.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to his structured approach to maximizing the return on innovation spend, Neil decided to start Baron Strategic Partners.   Since opening our doors, we've enabled companies in medical devices, chemicals, clean tech, consumer electronics and enterprise software to maximize revenues from their products and services