Accelerating Revenues from New and Existing Products and Services

Pre-Launch Questions

 If you recently launched a product or service or you are planning to launch, you better be able to answer these questions.
  •  Do you have established launch goals?  Are the goals achievable?  
  • Will the beta program provide a strong foundation to accelerate sales?  Is your beta test program just an engineering activity?   Do you know the characteristics of the ideal target customer?
  • Are your sales channels ready?
  • Will your sales tools actually be used and will they shorten the sales cycle? 
  • Have you defined the complete offering including services and partner products prior to launch?
  • Will customers appreciate the value of your offering?  Are you confident that your messages will resonate with economic buyers as well as the technical buyer?  
  • Are your beta customers lined up to support your launch and evangelize your product?   Are these the right customers to influence the rest of the market?

If you aren’t comfortable with your answers to any of these questions, we may be able to help increase the odds of your successful product or services launch. 

“One of Neil's biggest successes was the leadership he provided to develop and promote our Criminal Justice (now Homeland Security) practice. Neil took an initial win at Colorado and turned it into a global initiative. As a result, Sybase won large deals with numerous other states, counties and countries and built at least a $60M pipeline of homeland security business.”

Steve Morck,
Vice President
Public Sector Professional Services,